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John Korchok keyboards, wind synth, baritone sax

John comes from an art rock background, having performed in Canada with Icarus, the Warm Jets and Tekst. As a member of Tekst, he performed at Toronto's Music Gallery and recorded Avatamsaka's Wave Packet.
John has studied with Artie Bressler, Douglas Haas, Chris Wood of Medeski Martin and Wood, and Carl Patrick Bolleia. His compositions use classical instrumentation reimagined with dub remix techniques.

Phone: 201-666-1881

Email: jkorchok at gmail dot com


Bob Siebert piano, circuit-bent SK-1, Kaossilator and kalimba 1944-2022

Bob received his Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music and had played with Pepper Adams, Clark Terry, Don Butterfield, Garry Mazerapi, Justin DiCioccio and Harold Lieberman, among many others.
Bob was a widely performed composer, with works such as the pop-influenced electronic realism of Urban Harmony, reinvented jazz standards of Live@Steinway Gallery and the minimalist Rrrring Tones, featuring a circuit-bent Casio SK-1. His work Heaven Help Us has been performed 17 times worldwide.
More recent performances have included the Electronic Music Festival, the Pocono Skies Electronic Music Festival and the New Jersey Festival of Electronic Music and Art. Bob had released 7 recordings, all available on iTunes and at CDBaby. His album Pieces of the Trans-World Suite was voted the #1 solo instrumental download in 2010.

Frank Joliffe Warr guitar 1958-2012

A stringed instrument tapped with the fingers of both hands simultaneously, the Warr guitar combines the ranges of both bass and guitar while maintaining its own unique sound.
Frank had appeared at the 2nd Rassegna Internazionale "Castelfranco Jazz" Italy; Gaume Jazz Festival Belgium; Jazz Cafe London; Passage du Nord-Ouest Paris; Cafe Opera, Germany; The Knitting Factory, Hennessey Cognac Village Jazz Festival, 55 Bar and many others, New York.
His recordings, Solo Stick and Live on Comcast, with Jim Mason on drums, showcase his mainstream jazz style.
Frank had taught at the National Guitar Summer Workshop, CT and CA and the International Summer Academy of Wallonia, Belgium. His book The Touchstyle Songbook is a classic of Warr guitar repertoire. He was a featured performer at the Warr Guitars NAMM booth.

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